To have a positive impact on people’s lives, through our mobile and web applications.


Throughout the years, we have developed many projects for companies of all sizes.

We are Appventura

An innovating company in the field of Information Technology, which aims to modernize development of digital systems, from the bureaucratic process to the technical execution. Created by experienced professionals - with over 15 years of work in IT – we utilize this expertise to analyze thoroughly every step of applications development, and thoroughly develop innovating methods capable of making hiring less bureaucratic, optimizing project management and, at the same time, ensuring good quality of the final product.

We propose solutions crafted specially for every customer, taking into account all of the variables presented in their scenarios. Therefore, we guarantee projects that actually add value and become essential to our customer companies and partner’s lives.

We serve demands of all sorts and sizes, such as financial systems, e-commerce, portals, landing pages, applications, social media, advergames, tools, reports, automations, CMS, CRM, ERP, among others. We provide any kind of web or mobile application.

Our Culture

We have come out from the need to make the access to technologies less bureaucratic, more democratic, and sustainable. By offering a simplified process, with modern products, adapted specially to the user experience from each group of users, with the goal of adding value to communities. Whether it is inside or outside of the work environment, we believe we are changing the world positively.

Internally, we value our collaborators quality of life, with project management and development practices that make our workflow sustainable, and at the same time, extremely productive. Since our foundation, we work almost entirely on home office, with due respect of work hours, routines and limitations of every supplier.

Excellency is a premise in every solution developed at Appventura. We use a mix of agile development methodologies; we keep constant feedback and deliveries, with transparency and discretion.


Didactically, we can determine that web applications are (but not limited to) those accessed through a web browser, such as: institutional websites, landing pages, e-commerce, news portals, social media or other systems, like financial management, service, and others.

Frequently, those applications must be public and easily available to the customers. In these scenarios, we combine development to the best practices of digital marketing; we optimize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and create intelligent connections to social media. We make the most from the potential of digital media, in order to ensue conversions.

Besides, there are web applications that work “behind the curtains”, on servers, or in the cloud. Those applications have many functions, like controlling requisitions, storing and processing data, or making them accessible through other systems, like mobile apps or desktop software. Almost every modern computerized system relies on a web application of sorts.

Definitely, web applications of excellence are essential for any company or individual that seeks optimization of processes and/or make sales digitally, with professionalism.


App, perhaps the most popular term of the last decade. There is an app for everything: social media, news, photos, chat, transportation, music, banks and much more. The possibilities are infinite. Mobile applications are those that rely on the hardware of smartphones (which are already more popular than personal computers) to create innovative functionalities and intuitive user experiences.

Applications made to be public are normally available in stores on most platforms, like App Store and Google Play, for example. However, there are other types of apps, which must be available only to the collaborators of a company. For this purpose, there is Ad Hoc distribution, which controls which devices can install and have access to the apps, ensuring privacy and information security.

We develop native applications, for any kind of solution, respecting each platform’s guidelines, to ensure the best performance and use of each device’s capabilities, like geolocation, accelerometer, memory and processing, storage, etc.; and user experience with ease.


In Appventura we all love games. Whether it’s developed in big game studios, with millionaire investments, or Indies, created by few individuals; games, digital or not, are capable of stirring up emotions, telling immersive stories, creating competitive sport modes or simply reuniting and entertaining friends with fun mechanics. However, games and the technics involved in their development can be used for more than that.

Gamification is the term given to the practice of adding elements of gaming to systems or corporate routines. The objective is to provoke the feeling of competitiveness and reward, in a healthy manner, to optimize results. There are many possibilities of gamification that can be adapted for specific segments or objectives, such as increasing sales, optimizing SLA, disseminating knowledge, improving quality of service, or simply for motivation.

Apart from gamification of systems, there is the option to develop entire games in order to achieve a goal. Educational games may help teaching specific subjects for children or teenagers; others can be used to train and improve motor skills and memorization; there are also the Advergames, which are developed in order to advertise a brand or product, usually with exciting mechanics and social elements.


We value diversity, sustainability and a harmonious environment. If you believe you can add up to our universe and want to embrace on this adventure with us, send us and e-mail with your curriculum and what you would like to do. We will let you know if we find a compatible opportunity.

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